Coin Empire

Join the most exciting social adventure cryptocurrency home business of 2021 and build your Bitcoin empire.

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A First Class Bitcoin & Crypto
Opportunity With No Competition

The first physical bitcoin for the masses

“This is hands down the most exciting product in the entire Bitcoin industry. Coin Empire will introduce Bitcoin to millions of people." Tom Dutton, Cryptocurrency Expert

100% Secure Crypto Storage

INDUSTRY LEADING - Featuring German Engineering
TAMPER-EVIDENT - Completely Secure For Life
EASY ACCESS - Access Your Privately Stored Cryptocurrency Instantly
LASER-ETCHED - Deeply Engraved Private Key & QR Code

The first physical Bitcoin and crypto cold storage wallet minted as investment-grade collectible coins.

Experts agree that the easiest way to safeguard your Bitcoin investment is with cold storage - saving cryptocurrency offline where it can't be hacked.

Un-hackable, flood-proof, fire-resistant & available the moment you want, these are the easiest, most secure way to own Bitcoin.

Each BlockCoin™ features a unique, laser-etched wallet ID and private key, concealed beneath the industry’s best tamper-evident holographic film. Available in investment-grade silver, copper and gold, each BlockCoin™ is intrinsically valuable and easy to share with others. We put the power of the Blockchain in the palm of your hands!

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Coin Empire is the first ever global bitcoin and cryptocurrency social networking business for the masses.

The financial opportunity with Coin Empire goes far beyond building your private BlockCoin™ cryptocurrency portfolio. Coin Empire is the first ever social marketing mobile gaming and adventure home business combining an exciting social experience with a lucrative residual income opportunity.

You can have fun sharing Coin Empire using our mobile app and participating in fun social adventures that earn you instant daily rewards. As you build a growing social network that creates more and more automated product sales, you will enjoy daily bitcoin earnings that can grow automatically and residually.

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Social Adventure Gaming App - An Industry First!

Coin Empire is the first home business to offer an exciting social adventure component through its social mobile gaming app. Have fun completing social games with others and earning rewards worth money!

Fun & Exciting Social Adventure App

Coin Empire wants you to participate in the Bitcoin revolution, earn lots of extra income, and have fun sharing our program with others. By completing fun social adventures with others and uploading completion of social tasks to the app, you earn rewards.

Share Coin Empire Seamlessly Through Our App

Earning automated income with Coin Empire is easy: just share our mobile app with others. They immediately participate in several beginner social tasks - such as purchasing their first BlockCoin and taking a selfie - in order to join and begin earning.

Play The Coin Empire Game To Rank Up & Earn More

The more social adventure tasks you complete and upload through the mobile app, the more you can rank up to top earning ranks like Knight Prince, and even Emperor! The earning potential at these levels is huge!

The Coin Empire Experience

Coin Empire offers one of the most exciting home business opportunities of the year, one of the leading products in the entire Bitcoin industry, and all of the best social technology you need to have fun sharing with others and earn income automatically.

Revolutionary Product

The smart and easy way to introduce Bitcoin to the masses. Just hand someone these beautiful collectibles with crypto loaded on them.

Earn Automatically

Coin Empire offers its affiliates the opportunity to share the BlockCoin products with others and earn automated, growing residual income.

Cryptocurrency Education

Members of Coin Empire will access novel cryptocurrency educational video and resources to help give our members an advantage.

Personal Website & Back Office

Members receive their own Coin Empire referral website and personal back office business platform to track all sales and earnings.

Automated Marketing

Members receive their own Digital Marketing System to share Coin Empire with others and let the system do the follow-up for them.

Social Adventure App

Coin Empire is fun to share! Download our social app and begin to "play the game", as it directs you to fun social connections with others, which increase your earning potential.

Coin Empire Leadership Team

We have assembled some of the top leaders in cryptocurrency, social gaming, and affiliate marketing to bring you the best income opportunity of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Bitcoin can I store on a single coin?

There's no limit to the amount of Bitcoin you can store on a single Cold Storage Coin. In fact, this is one of the great features about a Cold Storage Coin - any coin could have as little as ONE SATOSHI, making it an easy and inexpensive way to give Bitcoin as a gift to family and friends.

How many times can I use a Cold Storage Coin?

Like an antique porcelain piggy bank, you can add onto your Cold Storage Coin as many times as you want. When you’re ready to “cash out”, instead of smashing it with a hammer, all you’ll need to do is peel off the security seal, clean the coin's surface, and scan the QR code, importing your digital asset into the hot wallet of your choice. Once your private key has been scanned, your Cold Storage Coin is no longer secure and should be kept exclusively as a souvenir!

How is a Cold Storage Coin better than a Trezor or Ledger device?

They are similar in that they store your funds OFFLINE

Can I put any kind of cryptocurrency on a Cold Storage Coin?

No! Each Cold Storage Coin features a VERY specific wallet, securely generated for a specific blockchain. Be sure to check the currency identifier on secure hologram, and make sure it matches the type of cryptocurrency you're about to store on the Cold Storage Coin.

Cold Storage Coins come in a variety of designs, each of which supports a different blockchain. So, be sure to select the Cold Storage Coin that suits your digital asset.

In the example of Ethereum-based smart contracts and tokens, our Ethereum product is able to accept many different types of these assets. Contact Us if you want to test an asset before sending to cold storage!

We're adding support for new blockchains all the time, so keep an eye on our website for updates, in case we don't offer the Cold Storage Coin you need just yet. Or of course, let us know what we should mint next!

What happens if I lose my Cold Storage Coin?

Your private key is the only way to access your funds, which is engraved on the back of the coin, under the protective film. For your protection there are no other copies other than that.

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